Basic concept:

The emotion project is based on expressing emotion in images.

The Why?? Why indeed:

I was tired of delivering stoic static face images of models. I want a more human expressive look in the models face, not just a stone statue. I met these dynamic souls, yet the final image was cold, stoic, emotionless. Not the complex beings i was actually shooting. Some people were bubbly, happy, while others were sad, or just tired. The picture didn't express the person.

Wanting to show more. More reality, more diverse, and more complex expression.  I came up with this project to display emotions and to show a different side of people. Give them permission to be more dynamic and expressive.

The Shoot:

We can feel out your emotion journey. Happiness, sad, depressed, confused, frustrated, silly, sexy, shocked, bored…ect. https://www.pinterest.com/syracuselux/emotions/ This is a portraiture event mainly but, not exclusively set in New York City on the streets of Manhattan, SOHO, the Flatiron District, and the Empire State region. The engagements can be an hour or two depending on the subject or shoot story line.

Contact me to Schedule before spots fill. DM on www.instagram.com/SyracuseLUX for fastest response. Clothing is your own style, clothing in your closet, and makeup is up to model. Fresh faced look okay too. Come and have a great time, add to a cool project, and make a new friend.

Thank you for your time and consideration


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