Matthew Fry - Photographer SyracuseLUX

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“Beauty can be seen in all things and moments of light. Seeing and composing the beauty is what the artist does to turn a moment into a photograph. Capture your moment in time”

-unknown author

I am Matt Fry, photographer. I am an artist with years of experience photographing fashion models , wedding couples, portraits, product, and family images.

I capture the candid images of genuine interaction, that may be sometimes silly fun, sometimes touching endearment, and the magically spontaneous energy of the moment.  I am comfortable photographing in a studio, an elegant venue, an outdoor park, or on the streets of the city. In all situations you can expect reliability, professionalism, and positive energy!

Let’s plan your session with a personalized photographic event. How about a fantastic Adirondack natural session? A waterfall adventure? City portraits, A NYC wedding? I can work with you to create a unique photographic life experience? A trip to the Island, imagine a destination and network will support you with joy, excellence and energy.

Untitled photo
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